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Welcome to our class page!

All the classes in school are named after endangered animals; we have chosen panda and polar bears. Can you remember if you are a polar or panda bear?

In our unit we have a lot of adults who help us learn. Their names are: Mrs Pickering, Mrs Newhall, Mrs Kilner, Mrs Baker, Mrs Barker, Miss Morrell, Mrs Prince and Mrs Rushworth.


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Newsletter- Week 1

Help your child at home

How you can help your child:

  • Read the newsletter every week and talk about what they have been doing at school.
  • Books will be changed every Friday so please make sure books are in school.
  • Read with them everyday for 10 minutes.
  • Sing songs, nursery rhymes and number rhymes with them.
  • Practise counting to 10. 
  • Ask your child to write their name. Remind them when writing letters that they always start with a whoosh!


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Reading race

Look at our reading champions chart! If you read with your child at home more than four times a week and sign in their reading record they will move along race line. The children who get to the finish line will be in with a chance of winning a prize!

Remember it doesn't just have to be school reading books, it could be books you have at home.

Weekly updates

Check our website every week to keep up to date with all the exciting things we have been doing in school!

Friday 29th June- The Bad tempered Ladybird

This week we have read the book The Bad Tempered Ladybird and have thought about what makes us bad tempered and how we can make other people happy.

We have been learning to tell the time.

Can you tell your grown when it is 6 o' clock?

This week Harrison and Charlie completed the reading challenge. Well done boys.!

Friday 22nd June - Sports Week

What an active week we've had!

We have learnt how to keep ourselves fit and healthy and have done lots of exciting  exercise.  We began we some fencing, it was great fun.

Can you tell your grown up the commands we used?

On Wednesday Mr Morrell came and taught us how to dance. We learnt a  dance and we were amazing.

We ended our active week with Sports Day and  some circuit training in the afternoon.  Thank you so much to all those who came and supported, it was fantastic to see so many of you. I'm sure you'll agree the children were brilliant. They all tried so hard in every activity  and some of them managed to surprise us with their outstanding talents .

It was a very close contest, but well done to the  black team who were overall winners.

 The butterflies came out of their cocoons and were released to go and lay eggs.  Well done to  the children that finished the reading race this week. Summer, Ollie and Odin keep on reading!

Friday 15th June - Trip week

Wow! What a busy week we have had! Two trips and lots of hard work done.

We had an amazing day at Squirrel Wood and all the children were very well behaved, a credit to school.  We hunted for bugs, but they were hard to find under the logs and stones.

Then we did a quiz, guessing the insect from the clues and we were fab  working them all out. 

Next made some insect pictures using natural materials that had fallen from the trees.

Could you make one at home?

Nina and Sam our guides made fires in the fire pit and then cooked some popcorn on it. We were amazed by how much it grew. We especially enjoyed tasting it.

Our final activity was making some clay insects and faces on the trees. There were some interest creations.

On Thursday  we visited Father David at ST Johns Church and asked him lots of hard questions and learnt lots of interesting facts about the church.

Can you tell your grown up something you learnt at the church?

The caterpillars have now made their cocoons and are  hanging from the lid of the tub.  We are watching carefully so we don't miss them coming out as butterflies.

Congratulations to the children who have completed the reading challenge this week. Well done Charlie, Charlie, Seth, Lacey and Jessica!

Remember to read four times a week so you can move up the race track.

Friday 8th June- Caterpillar week

we hav been lerning aboat caterpilars. by Charlie s

we haav been wotching the caterpiwr. by  Isaac  ng

theey lighc  eeting. bigh  castiel

caterpile rs lik leefs. by summer

caterpilars turn in to a butter fly. by willow

they ar getting biger.   by aaleyah

Thank you to this weeks guest writers.

This week we have  read the book The  Very Hungry Caterpillar so have learnt lots about caterpillars. We now know how a caterpillar  turns into a cocoon and then becomes a butterfly.

We have some caterpillars in class which we are watching to see how they change. They are already getting fatter after only a few days.

In maths we have learnt about shapes and what symmetrical means.

Can you tell your grown up all about symmetrical things?

Well done Macie and Frankie for finishing the reading challenge.

Friday 25th May- Writing week

we have been do ing lots ov riting  abowt wot owr majic beenz  will   groo into . by millie.

 Special thanks to this weeks guest writer, Millie,  who has written the first sentence of the page.

We have also read the book called How to Grow a Dinosaur which  inspired our writing, the children had some amazing and interesting ideas. We thought they would grow into unicorn trees, Spider-Man, lollipops trees and many more brilliant ideas.

Each carpet created their own stories which were fantastic.

Can you tell your grown up your carpets story?

In maths we have been doing more adding and are now brilliant at it, We have been playing games counting on from any number.

This week we have had two more children who have finished the reading challenge. Well done Alfie  and Archibald.

Remember  to read at least four times a week.

Enjoy your week off.

Friday 18th May- Turnip soup

This week we have made turnip soup, tasted it and wrote instructions on how to make it. Some of us liked the soup  and some of us didn't. We also designed a game based on the book The Gigantic Turnip.

In maths we have worked on finding missing numbers, doubling and halving.

The children who completed the reading challenge this week were Keavy and Kayla Stevenson, Aaleyah Linford, Ruby Burley, Savanah Doe and Charlie Haigh. Well done!

Our week ended with a party to celebrate the royal wedding, we ate egg sandwiches, jam sandwiches, cakes and drunk some juice. Mrs Gray came and we had a dance wearing the crowns we made.

Friday 11th may-number writing

We hope you enjoyed the lovely sunshine on Monday.

We have continued reading The Gigantic Turnip this week making own story boards , acting out the story and writing speech bubbles for the characters.  

Can you tell your grown up the story? 

In maths we have done lots of practising writing our numbers. We helped Jack to check his number sentences  and explained why they were right or wrong.

Can you show your grown up how to write your numbers correctly? How far can you get?

There is only one child who has completed the reading challenge this week. Well done Willow Guy.

Friday 4th May - The gigantic Turnip


This week we have read the book, The Gigantic Turnip.

Can you tell your grown up who helped pull the turnip up?

In Maths we have been finding one more and one less than a number.

Friday 27th March- Planting week

We have had another busy week in the bears classroom. We have planted more seeds. Mabel left us some cress seeds which we have planted and put in different places to see which grow the best . On Friday  a visitor came , it was a  very nice lady called Mrs Barraclough,  who planted sunflower seeds with us.  

Can you tell your adult what a plant needs to help it grow ?

In maths we have been counting in tens. We have also been learning our number bonds to ten.

Can you tell your grown up some of the pairs  of numbers which add up to ten?

Congratulations to the children who have completed the reading challenge  this week! Well done Charlie Povey-Gillespie, Frankie Brown, Harrison Wood, Warren Hanley and Grace Rodgers.   

Friday 20th April - Jaspers Beanstalk

Another busy week  in the bears. This week we have read the book Jaspers Beanstalk and in it  Jasper planted a seed. We planted our own beans hoping a magic beanstalk will grow. We then wrote the  instructions about how to plant seeds to help Mrs Gray with her gardening.

Can you  tell your grown up the instructions for planting a seed?

In maths we have been looking at coins, counting in 5p and 10p. We have also been measuring using cubes thinking about  which are the longest/ tallest or shortest/ smallest objects.

Lots more children have completed the reading challenge. Congratulations to last weeks children- Charlie W, Charlie S, Lacey, Liliana, Faye and Ollie.

This week Esme, Jessica, Summer, Angel, Seth, Millie N and Thomas all completed  the reading challenge. 

Keep up this amazing reading!

Friday 13th April- First Week back

Welcome back ! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday and didn't eat too many Easter eggs.

The magic beans grew into a beanstalk so Mrs Pickering didn't stay cross  with Mrs Newhall for selling Barbara Bunny.

Friday 23rd March- Easter week

Thank you to all those parents that joined us on Wednesday morning for our Easter workshop, it was lovely to see you all and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

We came in our sports wear on Friday in aid of Sports Relief and talked about the different ways we can keep fit and what happens to our bodies when we exercise.

Can you tell your grown up how we can keep fit?

This week  we have learnt all about celebrating Easter  and tasted hot cross buns. Some of us liked them and other were not so keen.  The Easter bunny came and left us some eggs which we had to find.

In maths we have been solving word problems deciding if the questions  needed us to add or take away.

More children have completed the reading challenge, congratulations to Alfie Sykes and Macie Wood.

Mrs Newhall hopes Mrs Pickering doesn't stay too mad at her for selling Barbara Bunny to Mrs Gray for some MAGIC beans, hopefully the beans will grow into something exciting.

Friday 16th March- Handas surprise continued

This week we have continued to read Handa's Surprise. We have thought about questions we would ask Handa and what she might be saying to her friend Akeyo. The children then wrote the sentences. We also retold the story in our own words and together wrote it.

Can you tell your grown up the story of Handa's Surprise , remembering the words used to describe the fruits?

In maths we have been learning all about measuring , heaviest and lightest and longest and shortest.  

Can you explain how we measured around the fruit?

More children have completed the reading challenge . Congratulations  to Keavy  and Kayla Stevenson and Odin Nuut.

Keep reading!

Friday 9th March - Handas surprise

Our week began with the belated World Book Day and all of us dressed up as characters from books. I'm sure you'll agree we all look brilliant!

We have continued to read Handa's Surprise and have learnt all about the different animals.

Can you tell your grown up an amazing fact you have learnt about one of the animals?

What colour are boy ostriches or what is special about a zebras stripes?

Our maths this week has been all about finding half. First we learnt  that half  means two pieces or groups that are exactly the same size. We then found half a small number.

Congratulations to the children who have finished the reading challenge this week. Well done Paige, Adam and Frankie Jane!


Friday 2nd march- Snow week

 Wow! What a week! We hope you enjoyed your snow day on Thursday and did lots of playing in it. All those children who were in on Wednesday certainly did and afterwards we had hot chocolate  to help us get warm again.

This week we have been looking at the book Handa's Surprise  and learning all about the different fruits she took for her Grandma. We even tasted some of them.

Can you tell your grown up which fruits we tasted and which ones you liked?

In maths this week we have been looking at taking away and are getting very good at it.

More children have finished the reading challenge , Chjarlie Haigh, Bradley Walmsley and Aaleyah Linford. Well done ! Keep it up.

Friday 23rd February- Chinese New Year

Another exciting week in the bears classroom. The week began with the teachers dressed up for the book camp week which we all enjoyed visiting.

Gung Hey Fat Choy means Happy New Year in Chinese and this week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.  We have learnt that 2018 is the year of the Dog and listened to the story of how the years got their names. We have also tried to write our names in Chinese.

Can you tell your grown up some of the things Chinese people do to celebrate  new year?

In maths we have been doubling  and now know how to work out double a number.

Can you show a grown up how to double a number?

More children have finished the reading challenge congratulations to Grace Rodgers, Lolli Frost, Leo Jak Phillips and Harrison Wood . Keep on reading and practising those spellings.

Friday 9th February- Non- fiction week.

The Pandas and Polar Bears  have written a non-fiction book all about cold places. We  wrote sentences about different things related to cold places  and used the internet to find pictures to match our writing. Both books are amazing!

Can you tell your grown up some of the things we put in our books?

In maths this week we have met Take Away Man.  He was very nasty and kept taking things and leaving us with less than we started with.  He helped us learn all about taking away.

In the home corner we now have real cups and plates made from pot and vases of real flowers. We know we need to be very careful so we don't break them and  hurt ourselves.  The children have been  very good at looking after them.

We also had a special visitor  a man with a guide dog who told us all about what guide dogs do.  

A big thank you to those children who brought in homework it is brilliant!

We have two more children who have finished the reading challenge. Well done Charlie Povey Gillespie and Archibald  Bolton! Keep up  the fantastic reading.

Friday 2nd February- Lost and found week.

Someone left us a box and inside was a baby penguin and a book. The book was called Lost and Found and it was all about a little boy and a lost penguin.  We thought about what we would do if we found a lost penguin and did some writing  to explain our ideas.

Can you tell your adult what you would do with a lost baby penguin?

The penguin wanted to go home so we made him some boats and tested them to see if they would float. 

We also received a postcard from Mrs Penguin who had seen our lost posters and asked if we would look after her baby. We wrote a postcard back to say we would.

In maths we have been continuing to count in two's  and practising our adding.

Congratulations the children who have finished the Reading Challenge  this week. They are Ashton Bisby, Angel Allott, Seth Price, Charlie Wardle, Savanah Doe, Willow Guy, Summer Etherington and Lacey Banks.

Friday 26th January- Letters from Mrs Nelson

Another busy week in the bears classroom.

Mrs Nelson has been sending us  letters  asking us to tell her lots of things. We have told her all about Polar Bears and Penguins, what animals she would see in the South Pole, what she needs to wear in cold places and how she would travel around.

Can you tell your grown up everything you know about  these things?

In Maths we have been counting in two's and are now fantastic at it. Can you count in two's going up the stairs ?

We have also met Add Man in maths and his job is to push two groups together to find out how many there are in total.

A huge well done to the children who have finished the reading challenge this week, it is the second time they have finished.  keep up this amazing reading. The winners were Charlie Sanderson, Ollie Freer, Macie Wood, Jessica Braithwaite and Alfie Sykes.

Friday 19th January- Ice week

This week has all been about ice, we were left some ice each day. We talked about where it had come from, what it felt like and how it looked.  We tested which way was the best to melt an ice cube. First the children predicted whether they thought the hot water, cold water, salt or soil would  melt the ice cube best. Then we tested .

Can you tell  your adult which was the best?  

We have also been finding all about penguins  and have been writing some amazing facts about them. 

Last week more children completed the reading challenge congratulations to Kayla and Keavy Stevenson, Adam Szczyglo and Keela Evans. 

Remember keep reading. 

Friday 12th January - first week back

 Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year.  It was lovely to see all the children again and hear all about their time off.

This week we found a Polar Bear's foot print in the classroom and he had been naughty messing up our brick area. We then read The little Polar Bear book which  told us all about the adventures of Lars the baby Polar Bear, from the North Pole to the Tropics.  The children learnt about the differences in the two places and camouflaged  animals that live in the snow.

Can you tell an adult all about Lars' adventure?  Can you explain what camouflaged means?

In maths we have been playing bingo helping us to recognise our numbers up to twenty.  We have also been estimating.

Can you explain what estimate means to your grown up?

Friday 15th December - Concert week

 It was lovely to see you all at the concert. I'm sure you will agree all the children were brilliant. Well done to everyone. 

This week we have listened to the Christmas Story and learnt why we celebrate  Christmas.

More  children finished the reading challenge. They were Frankie Davis, Amelia Callaghan, Aaleyah Linford, Ruby Birley and Bradley Walmsley.

Keep on reading.

Friday 8th December- making calendars

Another busy week practising for our concert and making calendars.

Congratulation to Mille Norton and Esme Proctor for finishing the reading challenge last week.

Friday 1st December - Jolly Postman week

We have enjoyed reading The Jolly Postman book this week. We have written addresses on envelopes, drawn maps of his route  and  sorted the envelopes in his bag.

The children made their Christmas cards, typing their names on the computer and then writing them inside. They look lovely.

Remember to keep practising writing your name.

Congratulation to last weeks winners of the Reading challenge, Grace Rodgers, Odin Nutt, Harrison Wood and Willow Guy.

Friday 24th November- Parents Week

 It was lovely to see so many parents this week.  The children enjoyed showing you all the things they do in school and it was an opportunity for us to tell you the progress they have made and how brilliant your children are.

We have enjoyed reading the book Burglar Bill, which provided  us with lots of counting practise and the chance to be witnesses describing suspects.   We have also learnt about the role of the  police .

Congratulations to  Macie Wood, Angel Allott, Alfie Sykes, Charlie Sanderson, Charlie Wardle and Charlie Povey- Gillespie for finishing the reading challenge last  week. Keep it up!

We would like to say a big thank-you to Mr Williams who came to see us in his fireman's  uniform, you were brilliant.  He arrived dressed in full uniform with breathing apparatus  and then explained  about each piece of equipment  to the children, allowing them to feel how heavy  it was.  Mrs Pickering tried the uniform on and she was shocked heavy and warm it was.

Can you tell a grown up about a fireman's uniform ?

Friday 17th November- Children in Need Week.

What a busy week!

It began with odd sock day and ended with Children in need day. Thank you to everyone for their support.

This week we have been learning about our teeth and how to look after them.

Can you remember how many times you need to brush your teeth and for how long?

Congratulations to our first winners of the reading challenge.  They were Leo Jak Phillips , Seth Price, Ollie Freer, Jessica Braithwaite, Archibald Bolton, Summer Etherington and Bella Jade Javens . These children received a prize. Keep it up.

Friday 10 th November -Challenge week

Welcome back and we hope you had a brilliant holiday.

This week we have introduced the children to daily challenges. These are short ten minutes activities which the children must stay at before going to explore. Over the week the children will do ten different challenges.

Can you tell a grown up some of the challenges you have done?

Friday 27 th October- Halloween week

As Halloween is near, our work this week was based on the book The Room on the Broom. The children made potions by sounding out and blending things to put in.  We also found rhyming words in the book.

Can you find words that rhyme at home?

Can you say the beginning sound of things in your house?

In maths we used witches hats with numbers on, to order the numbers and find one more than that number .

Can you say one more than a number?

Friday 20th October- Elmer week

Elmer visited this week.  We have completed lots of Elmer tasks.

Friday 13th October- Harvest week

Another exciting week in foundation! It was lovely to see you all at our Harvest festival  and the children were brilliant. 

On Monday we visited by Pete and Penelope pea  and they have been hiding around the classroom all week. We used positional language to explain where they were hiding and made shapes from peas and sticks.

Can you explain where things are in your house, using  words like on, next, behind?

We also made faces from natural materials like leaves and conkers. Do you like them?

Outside was made to look pretty by some bright weaving.

Friday 6th October 2017- Chopping fruit

The children have had another exciting week, finding out about  healthy and unhealthy  foods. On Monday we were left some equipment which we had to work out what  to use it for. It was used for peeling and cutting fruit which we then tasted. We also found out  that the Panda's favourite fruit was apples and the Polar Bear's was grapes.

Lots of counting has been happening too,  we counted the conkers.

Can you count things around the house?

Friday 29th September 2017- Making faces

Something strange has been happening this week, we keep finding photographs of adults in our class pulling funny faces! We have talked about different expressions and how someone may be feeling. We also have read 'Making Faces' by the author Nick Butterworth.

Could you use a mirror to make funny faces?

Can you take photos of your family making happy/sad/angry faces? You could use a phone, IPad or camera to take pictures.

Friday 22nd September 2017- All about babies

On Monday we had been left a bag of items; nappies, a dummy, bottle and board book. We discussed who all these things belonged to and decided it was a baby. We have been learning about how babies change and what they need all week. The children have been making shopping lists for Mrs Nelson.

The children have also been using our new cameras to take photographs, take a look at some of the snaps they got!

Friday 15th September 2017- Kipper needs help!

Kipper had been very busy last weekend in our classroom- he explored all the areas and had a brilliant time. But there was a problem... Kipper forgot to tidy up! All week the children have been reminding Kipper to choose it, use it and put it away! They have also helped him with some of our other golden rules!

Look at the photographs- can you remember our golden rules?

Friday 8th September 2017- First week at school

The children have had a fantastic first week at school. We have been very busy exploring our classroom, making new friends and following the golden rules.

What have you enjoyed this week?

Can you remember any of the class rules?

Here are a few photographs from this week.