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WELCOME TO THE Jazzy jaguars

Welcome back!

We are the Jazzy Jaguars, we are called this because of our class mascot Jazzy, who is a jaguar. Our teacher is Miss Thomas and we are really lucky because we get to work with Miss Bell, Mrs Bull, Miss Etherington, Miss Morrall and Miss Sliwka.  In Year One, we love to explore and find out about new things.

School starts on Tuesday 5th September.

Our P.E. lessons will be every Monday and Wednesday. Some children will also need their P.E. kit in school for University 4 Life on Friday afternoon. So it is best to bring it on Monday and leave it on your peg in the cloakroom until Friday.

Homework & Newsletters

Transition Newsletter

Summer Holiday Homework

How you can help your child:

  • Read the newsletter every week and talk about what they have been doing at school.
  • Books will be changed every Friday so please make sure books are in school. If you would like your child's book changed more frequently please ask Miss Thomas.
  • Visit and borrow our Lending Library - you will find it in the playground after school every day.
  • Read with them everyday for 10 minutes.
  • Sing songs, nursery rhymes and number rhymes with them.
  • Practise counting to 20 and above.. 
  • Ask your child to write their name. Remind them when writing lowercase letters that they always start on the line with a whoosh!
  • Group 2* spellings 10.11.17
  • Group 2 spellings 10.11.17

Wednesday 11th october 2017

Harvest Festival

Today, was Year One and Two's Harvest Festival. The children have been learning about the importance of our farmers harvesting food for a few weeks, and have produced some excellent written work and art work. The children have designed and created their own harvest crowns using leaf rubbings, they have created crop images using different grains and cereals to make a collage and have even produced their own stamps to create crop images with. The children have also been doing a lot of writing about different farm animals and the jobs that farmers have to do on their farms to produce the food for us to buy and eat. The children were absolutely excellent in the Harvest Festival and we all hope you really enjoyed watching it.

Thursday 21st September 2017

Today, we went on our school trip to Cannon Hall Farm. We started the day with a tour of the farm with a farming expert. He took us through all the different (slightly smelly) farrowing sheds where we saw lots of different animals. We saw sheep, goats, horses, cows, pigs and three day old piglets. We even got to feed the animals in the last farrowing shed. Then, we went around the farm in a trailer that was being pulled by a big, red tractor. After lunch, we watched one of the farmers milking a cow, she was called Jasmine and she produced a lot of milk. We had a fantastic time seeing all the different animals and feeding them.

Wednesday 13th septEmber 2017

This week, we have been trying really  hard with our handwriting. We make sure we start all our lowercase letters on the line and try not to forget the whoosh! So far we have practised c, a, d, o and g.

September 2017 - Welcome back!

First day back, and what a brilliant one it was. This morning the children came into the classroom to find a Stone Age cave and a Stone Age teacher. Inside the cave they found a package, that contained different items from the Stone Age for them to investigate. They have created Stone Age cave artwork and completed lots of challenges around the classroom. Today was an amazing start to the year, and we can't wait to learn even more!