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Welcome to the learning lions

Welcome back!

We are the Learning Lions. Our teacher is Mrs Garsden and we are really lucky because we get to work with Miss Bell, Mrs Bull, Miss Etherington, Miss Morrall and Miss Sliwka.  In Year One, we love to explore and find out about new things.

Our P.E. lessons will be every Tuesday and Thursday. Some children will also need their P.E. kit in school for University 4 Life on Friday afternoon. So it is best to bring it on Monday and leave it on your peg in the cloakroom until Friday.

Homework & Newsletter

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How you can help your child:

  • Read the newsletter every week and talk about what they have been doing at school.
  • Books will be changed every Friday so please make sure books are in school. If you would like your child's book changed more frequently please ask Miss Thomas.
  • Visit and borrow our Lending Library - you will find it in the playground after school every day.
  • Read with them everyday for 10 minutes.
  • Sing songs, nursery rhymes and number rhymes with them.
  • Practise counting to 20 and above. 
  • Ask your child to write their name. Remind them when writing lowercase letters that they always start on the line with a whoosh!

12th january 2018

What a busy first week back we have had! We have started our new topic "Here, There and Everywhere".  We will be  looking at where we live and the countries that make up the Great Britain.


In maths we have been practising 1 more and 1 less of a given number.  Some Learning Lions became "1 more and 1 less robots".  We have also been working very hard to correctly form our numbers.

In science, we have started to look at plants and trees.  Today we sorted plants and fruit into categories of items  that we can eat and things that we do not.  We asked questions about the plants and fruit that we saw and observed them closely.  We used a magnifying glass to examine them and then drew a sketch in our art books.

We used our senses to explore the different elements that Michael Rosen wrote about in his book "We're going on an bear hunt".  We then thought of different adjectives to describe the grass, mud, water, leaves and stone for our writing.

10th November 2017

In maths today we have been working together to match the word names to the correct  number digits.  We used counters to show that we understood the value of a digit.

8th November 2017

In today's learning we have been scientists, identifying and exploring different materials.  We discussed which of these materials were best to make wellington boots and which materials would not and why.

16th october 2017

We love reading in the Learning lions.  Here we are choosing books and reading them in the library and in our classroom.

We have been busy today preparing vegetables for our soup.  We washed our hands and washed the potatoes.  We carefully peeled them with a vegetable peeler and finally we chopped the vegetables into small pieces.  In our writing, we have used adjectives to describe the vegetables.  

10th october 2017

We have been busy this week finishing off our Harvest Festival activities.  We have mixed the ingredients for the bread dough, kneaded it and made wheat sheaf loaves. (Images to follow)

2nd October 2017

Today we have been learning how to mix colours.  We experimented with blue, red and yellow and by combining them in paired combinations we produced orange, purple and green.  Ask your child if they can remember which pairs produce which colour. 

Today in maths, we have used objects to explain addition.  We have practised placing objects on a number sentence and used them solve the answer.  

Our trip to Cannon Hall farm 21st september 2017

We saw lots of different animals and we were able to feed the cows and goats!

What an amazing trip we have had to Cannon Hall Farm!  We were able to gently stroke a guinea pig.  We thought that she was "soft and cuddly".

We went on a tractor ride around the farm.  We had lunch all together.

19th September 2017 - what do crop fields look like?

We have found out that in the Stone Age people did not farm their food, instead they hunted and gathered what they needed to eat.  We are beginning to look at what farming is, how it has developed and how it has changed our environment.  We have started this by looking at aerial photographs of crop fields and created our own collages.

15th September 2017 - discovering a stone age spear

Look at what the Year 1 teachers have found, a spear from the Stone Age!  We asked questions about what is was used for and what it is made out of.  We have looked at the different materials that Stone Age people used and investigated their properties.

8Th September 2017 - Cave painting

We have had a great start to our new term.  We have been discovering what life was like thousands of years ago during the Stone Age.  We have been reading a book by Satoshki Kitamura called the Stone Age Boy.  He falls "down down down into a cave and when he woke up he discovered he was in the Stone Age where he met a girl called Om.  He was shown some cave paintings and this is what we have had a great time experiencing.