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welcome to the chris packham class

Welcome to The Packham's Page! Also known as Class 10.

Our class teacher is the friendly Mr Friend and we are supported by the handy Mrs Hanley.

On our page we will keep you up to date with photographs of our wonderful learning experiences and examples of our amazing work.


On Friday, The Packhams, along with the rest of years 3 and 4, experience the mystical,  magic of The Deep. As we strolled excitedly though the exhibits that surrounded us, we found ourselves mesmerised by the clear blue tanks which contain the most unique of underwater species! As well as looking round the museums, after lunch we took part in an adaption workshop. We even made up our own creature! Finally, after our journey through the Ice Kingdom, we watched the brave divers feed the sharks in the endless sea! 


Tuesday the 21st of March was an amazing day for the Packhams! Everyone arrived in Viking clothing and lived a day in the life of the old farmer warriors.

Years 3 and 4 gathered in the hall for a lesson on sword control before starting the wonderful workshops in class. Firstly, we had the challenge of designing and making Viking shields for our tribe... The Ruthless Red Tribe. After lunch, we spend the afternoon in the garden building a traditional wooden hut by packing mud onto the walls and weaving birch. Finally, we took to the fire for warmth and food. Gathering on the ground and perching our dampers of the fire, we spoke about our day and held our shields. 

world book day

Today our classroom was a sea of colourful characters. Everyone and everything walked through the door of class 10 this morning! From the wizarding world came Harry, Ron and Hermion while from a Galaxy far far away came Jedi knights. We even had the shadow of Peter Pan! 

All day we explored Alice's weird and wonderful journey as she fell into wonderland and stumbled upon some perfectly peculiar people. 

the VIcious Vikings invade!

AD 793.

Just as the Anglo-Saxons think they have successfully claimed Britain, the Vicious Vikings set sail in their longboats in search of riches and land, leaving behind their crowded homelands of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. As intelligent as they were fierce, the Farmer warriors targeted the defenseless Monks of Lindisfarne Monastery. 

The Packhams became Vikings for a whole afternoon and showed us the intimidating invasion through frightful freeze frames.

Great work Class 10!

Tag Rugby

When we learn a new sport it is important to link the theory to the practice. Here we are looking at tag rugby and discussing tactics like the pros! In a 3v3 situation every player is important. On the board, we explored movement to see how we can create space for our team mates. Then we turned the theory into practice on our Astroturf pitch...

The Anglo-Saxons have landed!

The Anglo-Saxons have landed ashore our beautiful, desolate island. With the Romans fleeing our land and retreating back to their mighty city of Rome, the Anglo-Saxons claim the precious, lush soil of Britain.

Along with our new topic, comes also a terrifying tale of beasts and heroes. In order to discover our gripping novel, we first had a mystery to solve! An unknown creature from the marshlands of Heorot, terrorised our Great Hall and left behind a trail of destruction. Never the less, our trusty year 3 and year 4 children were on hand to make sense of the evidence...  Who will sleigh this mighty monster, do I hear you ask?



Yesterday, Emperor  Claudius commissioned a group of designers to create a mosaic pattern that can be used in his new, imperial bath! We took on the challenge! We decided that it would be a good idea to design several drafts so that we could share ideas and improve our tiles. We then paired up and created a final design.

Tomorrow we will be creating our mosaics for the Emperor... 

...And here they are!

These look amazing! I'm sure Emperor Claudius will be pleased with his team of designers for these wonderful, intricate mosaic tiles! Well done Packhams for completing such a fine design and make project.

roman design and make

This week we have been looking at Roman Architecture! First, we researched how the Romans built their magnificent architecture which helped us to design and make our very own structures.  

Our visit from the emperor of rome!

This week we were visited by the 4th Emperor of the Roman Empire. Years 3 and 4 gathered to welcome him with lots of questions! He wore a traditional toga and explained to us all how he conquered Brittannia!

Did you know his full name was 'Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus'. Even he must have got it wrong sometimes!

wwii  Kelham island trip

We went to Kelham Island in Sheffield along with year 3 and we had a fantastic day! We took part in three different workshops and met some amazing characters in Arthur, Betty and Henry! First we had to help Arthur sort through the lost property at the train station and find out who had lost their suitcases during the evacuation. Next,with Betty, we looked at all the artefacts in the museum and got the see the River Don Engine actually working! It was Huge! Lastly, Henry Walker showed us what it was like to be in the Home Guard. We all went inside an Anderson shelter and listened to Chamberlain's iconic speech and we could even hear bombs exploding! We had so much fun!