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welcome to the wise wolves class

Welcome to The Wise Wolves Page! Also known as Class 10.

Our class teacher is the friendly Mr Friend and we are supported by the joyful Mr Jones.

On our page we will keep you up to date with photographs of our wonderful learning experiences and examples of our amazing work.

Coastal heritage

Our topic for this term is 'Coastal Heritage'. During the next 10 weeks, we will be learning about the the coasts of Britain while focusing on the town of Whitby! 


Our homework in year 4 consists of Maths, Spellings and reading!


We ask our children to read for 10 minutes each day and to record this in their reading journals.


Spelling tests are on Mondays and new spelling are sent home on the same day.


Maths Homework is sent out on Fridays and needs to be in by the following Tuesday.


Class roles :

Class councillors: Amelie and Aston.

Fairtrade Leader: Isabella

Eco Ambassador: Owen

15th june 2018 - Worldwide World cup

Today class 10 truly caught World Cup fever! We each picked a team at random and have created flags out of cocktail sticks to show who we are supporting. Once our flags were completed, we placed them on a map to show where the countries were on Earth. It was amazing seeing how many nations from all over the globe come together in the name of football. 

We all have our fingers crossed for England!

14th june 2018 - Super Circuits 

Today, the whole of year 4 took part in Super Circuits! We are raising money for the NSPCC to help children all over the UK. The Super Circuit had 5 rows of intense workouts which were very testing and tiring as we had to exercise for 4 minutes at a time!

 Thank you to those who have donated money by sponsoring a child in our class.

‘It was very exhausting and I was extremely tired after!’        Rose

‘When it was over I felt proud to have completed it.’       George

10th May 2018 - WONDERFUL WHITBY

Yesterday, we had such an exciting day in the town of Whitby which is on the North East coast of England. After the two hour bus journey, we began by asking members of the public some questions to gather information on tourism! Next, we visited the whale bone arch which stands next to Captain Cooks Memorial statue.

After eating our lunch in the band stand and ducking repeatedly as we dodged the seagulls, we set off marching over the bridge and towards the 199 steps that lead to the Abbey.  Up at the Abbey (the old ruined monastery), we learnt of all the times which it had withstood, including Viking invasions, plundering Kings and German bombings! 

09TH APRIL 2018 - Extraordinary Egyptians 

What an amazing start to our new Ancient Egyptians topic! Yesterday the children were promoted to chief investigators and were asked to excavate the latest Royal Tomb that was found in The Valley Of The Kings.

They did a fantastic job and learnt so much! 

21st march 2018 - exciting easter visit to st. john's church

Today, Wise Wolves visited Father David at St. John's Church.  We had lots of interesting questions to ask Father David about Easter, who also showed our class around the church. 

20TH March 2018 – Japanese Judo

Today, our class took part in a judo taster session, the children had lots of interesting questions to ask the instructor and were then able to part in some of the activities.


15TH March 2018 – Fortuitous Fair Trade Foods

The year 3 and 4 classes have been looking at Fair Trade Foods available in our supermarkets, each class created a product from scratch using a set of ingredients and a recipe, each class also needed to look at the estimated cost of creating the product and well as selecting the necessary ingredients from the local supermarket.  Wise wolves created several batches of cookies which they sold to the other students after school - they were very quick to sell!

1ST March 2018 – Whimsical World Book Day


As part of the worldwide celebration of World Book Day, the children along with Mr Friend and Mr Jones dressed up as some of our favourite characters from books we enjoy reading; can you guess who’s who?

08th February 2018 - FABULOUS FLOWERS

Today, with all the plastic bottles that we have saved, we made colourful, recycled flowers. The children designed and carefully cut the plastic bottles in half before shaping the petals and leaves. The last step was to paint the clear plastic so that they stood out and looked bright and colourful.

Well done Wise wolves!

22nd january 2018 - sensational skipping

What a fantastic day of recycling and learning!

Today class 10 reused all of 116 plastic bags to create skipping ropes! First we spent the morning learning how to plait. Then we prepared our plastic bags for plaiting. And finally, this afternoon we made our ropes and had a magnificent time using them!

Again, thank you for bringing in your used plastic bags.


Well The Wise Wolves have hit the ground running! Because our topic is Green Planet, we are recycling all that we can find. This week alone, we have collected over 100 plastic milk bottles and are currently in the middle of constructing an igloo which will completely cover our book corner! 

Thank you to everyone at home that is supporting our topic by bringing in plastic bottle tops and milk cartons. 

28th November 2017 - Thoughtful Theatrics 

This week we have been putting ourselves in role as children in the workhouses. We all agree in saying that they were horrid places and life was tough on those stuck within them! To understand the emotions that the poor children felt, we re-enacted the famous lunch time scene from Oliver Twist! 


This week in science we investigated and created working circuits using a battery, wires, switch and bulbs! In groups we learnt how to design a circuit and even how to make the bulb dimmer. 

9th october 2017 - Creating CARRIAGES

It has been a busy week for class 10 who have been creating carriages out of wood and cardboard nets. We have learnt how to safely make chassis and improved our design and technology skills such as sawing wood and using glue guns to assemble and secure materials. Here we are producing our final designs before completing our carriages! We can't wait to see the finished products after all of our hard work! 

4th october 2017 - Fabulously FairTrade

 How to make a FairTrade banana and chocolate smoothie.

The Wise wolves had an amazing time this week, learning all about the Fairtrade Foundation. In our class we made a delicious smoothie which contained our fairtrade ingredients! We have been writing the recipe in simple steps so that you can try and make it at home too! 

You will need: a mixer; a sharp knife; a grater; some fairtrade bananas (4); Milk (roughly 2 pints); a large bar of fairtrade dairy milk chocolate and 1 tablespoon of drinking chocolate powder.

1) First, wash your hands thoroughly and wipe all the surfaces that you will be preparing food on.
2) After washing your hands, carefully peel the bananas, being careful not to squash them. 
3) Next, slowly slice the banana into reasonable small chunks and put them to one side in a bowl.
4) Then, using an ordinary grater, cautiously grate your fairtrade, dairy milk chocolate into a small bowl (don't be tempted to eat it).
5) Once you have prepared the contents of your smoothie, tip in the chopped banana, grated chocolate and 1 heaped tablespoon of chocolate drinking powder into your smoothie mixer. 
6) Afetr that, pour in your milk so that the ingredients are fully submerged within the milk and securely place the lid on the mixer.
7) Once you have placed the lid on the mixer, blend the ingredients together until it is a consistent consistency and the lumps have disappeared.
8) Pour your mouthwatering chocolate and banana smoothie into a glass and enjoy!



20th september 2017 - Super surprise

Last week, during class 10's fifteen minute mile, Jake spotted a peculiar looking caterpillar, which had just crawled out from within the bushes! We all gathered around to observe its beautiful, yellow, spikes as it impressively scaled the wall. After carefully capturing it, we gave it to Foundation so they could see what we had found too! Later that day, the caterpillar was returned to class 10, where it now is happily hung in its cocoon. 

After much deliberation Jake named our new, colourful friend Jerry.

So welcome to Jerry, The Sycamore Moth Caterpillar. 

19th september 2017 - Wise wolveS' wonderful work

It has been such a great start to the year for the Wise Wolves! They have been learning all about The Industrial Revolution and producing some careful, pencil sketches of Stephenson Rocket. Did you know, even though the train was called The Rocket, it's maximum speed was only 36mph? Not very quick if you ask us! 

Well done Wolves! Keep up the outstanding effort.

12th september 2017 - York railway museum

Yesterday, year 4 had an amazing day learning all about the different trains including the legendary Stephenson Rocket! When we got there, we watched a science show that taught us all about gravity, friction and acceleration! We ate our packed lunches at the side of the Royal Train that was custom made for The Queen in WW2. After lunch, we had some time to climb into some of the older steam trains before taking part in a wonderful workshop, building bridges!