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SATs & Assessment 

We use a range of both formative and summative assessments in order to account for the individuality of each of our pupils. Teachers use a range of methods, underpinned by their in depth knowledge and relationship with each pupil, to create an accurate picture of the whole child. We currently use a bespoke assessment tool, designed in-house to assess our pupils, backed up by termly standardised tests and regular progress meetings.


Click on the buttons below to view documents that detail our end of year results for FS2, KS1 and KS2. FS2 results are in relation to the Early Learning Goals, KS1 shows the results of the KS1  Phonics Screening, and KS2 shows the results from SATs for 2015/16.

Click here to view the DFE Performance Tables. 

KS2 SATs - year 6

In 2015/16 the KS2 tests went through significant changes. 

The tests will be held w.c Monday 14th May 2018. Please ensure you do not book any holidays or appointments during this period. Any pupils that miss tests will not be able to sit them on an alternative date. There are no longer Level 6 papers, these higher level questions are now built into the main test. If you would like any more information on the new testing arrangements, please see Mr Bean. 

Test Format

Maths Paper 1 - Arithmetic (30 mins)

Maths Paper 2 - Reasoning (40 mins)

Maths Paper 3 - Reasoning (40 mins)

Reading Paper 1 - Reading Booklet (1 Hour)

GPS Paper 1 - Spelling (15 mins)

GPS Paper 2 - Short Answer Questions (45 mins)

Test dates

Monday 8th May - Reading Test

Tuesday 9th May - GPS Paper 1 

Tuesday 9th May - GPS Paper 2

Wednesday 10th May - Maths Paper 1

Wednesday 10th May - Maths Paper 2

Thursday 11th May - Maths Paper 3

KS1 SATs - Year 2

The KS1 tests have undergone some changes, but the general format will remain the same as previous years. Year 2 pupils will take part in a Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling Test, Maths test and Reading test.

The KS1 tests have no set date, but must be carried out during May 2016. The exact date will be communicated to parents nearer the time of the tests. 

Maths - Paper 1 Arithmetic , Paper 2 Problem Solving 

Reading - Paper 1 Short Text, Paper 2 Longer Text

GPS - Paper 1 Spelling, Paper 2 Short Answer Test


As you may have heard at Parent's Evening or in the national news, numerical levels are no longer in use in primary schools. These have been replaced by a new system based on age-related expectations. For example, a child at the end of Year 6 would be expected to be working within the age-related expectations for the end of KS2. However, some gifted and talented pupils may show that they are working above the age related expectations for their age. 

In SATs, pupils will receive a 'raw' score , that will then be converted to a 'scaled score' to show where they are in comparison to other pupils nationally, and if they have reached the standard that has been deemed appropriate for their age.  More specific details of this new system will be available soon.

More information from the DFE is available here.


We have created our own bespoke assessment tool for use in school, click the link below to view information on how we assess our pupils.