Churchfield Primary School

Snydale Road, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S72 8JR

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At Churchfield Primary School we recognise that one of the key contributors to the overall well-being of any child, both academically and physically, is PE & sport. We believe that sport can help instil key life skills in our pupils, such as: discipline,  resilience, team work, independence, confidence, ambition and determination. We firmly believe in creating a supportive, yet competitive environment that is built upon the foundations of the three Olympic Values: Respect, Friendship and Excellence. The discipline and self control demanded of children in sport transfers over the classroom flawlessly, and we firmly believe that sport plays an integral role in the high expectations we uphold in school. 

We encourage physical activity and competitive sport from an early age.  Starting with FS2, leading into KS1 our pupils follow the REAL PE FUNdamental Movement Skills curriculum. This ensures they are provided with high quality opportunities to develop the core skills required for all sports, that will then be built upon in KS2. 

During LKS2, our pupils are phased into modified games of popular sports, combining the fundamental skills from KS1 with rules and elements of many sports, engaging in competitive team games. 

Once our pupils reach UKS2, they participate in a range of high level, competitive team and independent games with an emphasis on evaluation and pupils analysing their performance. 

We believe that this model enables all of our pupils to succeed and achieve in sport. We also see it as our duty as a school , to provide opportunities for gifted and talented pupils to compete at a level appropriate to them, and sign post them to the relevant bodies and clubs in order to for them to continue to progress and be challenged. We have strong links with many local clubs, resulting in the sharing of resources, ideas and expertise. 

We are members of Team Activ and all of pupils in school have the opportunity to compete in various events. We also provide our pupils with the opportunity to compete in area and regional competitions, as well as local.