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At Churchfield Primary School, we believe in rewarding children who consistently display positive attitudes to learning and uphold the school rules. There are a number of awards that we give out, from our weekly Golden Award to our half-termly Behaviour All-Star Award and the Lunchtime Bead Award!

Remember, a Golden Award is worth 5 points and Behaviour All-Stars is worth 10 points

'Points Mean Prizes!'

Golden Award

Here are our fantastic Golden Award Winners for last week that have been recognised by their teachers!

C1  - Perfect Pandas -   Bella J

C2 - Polar Bears - Charlie P G

C3 Learning Lions -  Mia B

C4 Jazzy Jaguars - Jack S

C5 Exceptional Elephants - Gabriel B

C6 Resilient Rhinos - Alfie P S

C7 Hardworking Hedgehogs -  Madeline P

C8 Marvellous Macaws -  Yvie W

C9 Gifted Gorillas  -  Ryley S

C10 Wise Wolves - Henry A

C11 Sensational Sea Turtles-  Mason R

C12 Genius Giraffes - Ollie T

C13 Original Orangutans-  Alfie D

C14 Resilient Red Squirrels - Charlie R








Behaviour All Stars

Here are our brilliant Behaviour All Stars for Sring half-term 2. These children have set a fantastic examples to others!

C1  - Perfect Pandas - Summer E

C2 - Polar Bears - Millie W

C3 Learning Lions - Ella C

C4 Jazzy Jaguars - Harley P

C5 Exceptional Elephants - Macey R W

C6 Resilient Rhinos - Nicholas E M

C7 Hardworking Hedgehogs -  Ruby P

C8 Marvellous Macaws - Poppy K

C9 Gifted Gorillas  -  Jenna G

C10 Wise Wolves - Rose G

C11 Sensational Sea Turtles-  Mika L

C12 Genius Giraffes - Jason C

C13 Original Orangutans-  Evie S

C14 Resilient Red Squirrels - Emily A

Lunchtime bead award

The class that collected the most lunchtime beads last week was

C1 - Perfect Pandas

15 Beads

This class will get to choose a treat for impressing the lunchtime staff last week!