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Welcome to FS2- The Whales

Welcome to our FS2 Pupils' page. Here you'll find everything that we've been up to, useful links & dates, photographs and our work. 

In the Whales there are three teachers Mrs Pickering, Mrs Newhall and Mrs Kilner and also three teaching assistants Miss Rushworth, Mrs Barker and Miss Etherington.


1. Brilliant Blue Whales - Mrs Pickering

2 Great Grey Whales - Mrs Newhall and Mrs Kilner

Useful tips 

Remember to label your child's jumpers, cardigans and coats.

Remember water in water bottles- no juice please.

Friday 14th December- Christmas Concert

It was lovely to see you all at our concert on Wednesday and I'm sure you'd agree all the children were amazing.

We have listened to the Christmas story and now know why we celebrate Christmas.

In maths we have been adding, working out how many presents Santa.

We have more children who have completed  the reading challenge. Well done Ruby, Lennie and Morgan!

Friday 7th December- The Jolly Christmas Postman

Another busy week in the Whales,  we have been making our Christmas cards and writing to tell Santa what we would like him to bring us on Christmas morning. We have also been learning what happens to letters after we post them.

In maths have learnt all about 3D shapes .

Can you  find a cylinder or cube in your house?

Summer F, Summer M, Duncan and Lexie have completed the reading race this week. Well done and keep reading.

Friday 30th November - The Jolly Postman

This week we have read the book The Jolly Postman and have learnt all about  the jobs of postmen and postwomen.  We have made maps and stamps and wrote the envelopes.

In Maths we had been weighing the parcels the Jolly Postman delivers.

We have also worked really hard cutting and sticking our banners for the Christmas decorations in the hall.

More children who have completed the reading challenge this week, well done Ethan, Ollie and Darcy!


Friday 23rd November- Burglar Bill Week

Another busy week in the whales. On Monday we enjoyed a performance of Peter Pan. On Wednesday parents came in and it was lovely to see and speak to you.

This week we have been reading the book Burglar Bill and learning all about how the police help us. We also made some amazing wanted posters to help the police.

In maths we have been more counting helping the police work out how many things Bill stole. 

More children have completed the reading challenge. A big well done to Ella R, Ella B, Maisey, Ginnie and Gracie!

Friday 16th November - Children in Need Week

What a busy week we've had! Odd sock day on Monday, a library visit on Wednesday and spotty day on Friday. We even had a visit from the firefighters and their engine.

We have been learning how to look after our teeth during carpet time.

Can you tell your grown up how long we have to brush our teeth for?

A big thank you to Summer's dad and his firefighting crew who came on Friday to talk to us. They even let us sit in the fire engine and sounded the siren. It was brilliant.

In Maths we have been practising our counting building towers of certain numbers and ordering teeth according to their size.

Two more children completed the reading challenge. Well done Sonny and Oliver.

Remember read at least four times a week.

Friday 9th November- Firefighters Week

Welcome back we hope you had a fabulous holiday. This week we have been learning all about Firefighters, what they do and how they save people.

In maths we have been practising counting and writing our numbers. We are getting very good.

Can you show your grown up how to write your numbers?

More children have finished the reading race. Well done Lillie, Lucy, Max, Dexter, Leo,  Owen, Nevaeh, Ashton and Leah.

Friday 26th October - Room on the Broom

Well done to the first group of children who have completed the reading challenge. We hope you enjoy your books and keep reading. Fantastic work Freya, Ava, Olly, Oliver, Oliver, Amelia, Aoife, Riley, Vinnie, Daniel and Conan.

Another busy week in the Whales. This week we have been reading The Room on the Broom and have done lots of work on rhyming words.

Can you tell your grown up something which rhymes with cat?

In maths we have been doing lots of counting and ordering numbers. We can also tell you one more than a number. 

 Elmer Week - Friday 19th October

Another busy week in Foundation. All the children were fantastic in the Harvest Festival and we hope you enjoyed it.

A patchwork elephant called Elmer visited us on Monday and left us his book. We have enjoyed reading it. Elmer was good at making elephants laugh so we thought about all the things we are good at.

In our maths lesson we have been learning what a repeating pattern is and then creating our own. We have also been learning about size, describing which elephants are bigger/smaller.

Can you tell your grown up what a repeating pattern is?

Peas- Friday 12th October

This week we read a story about Pete and Penelope and their journey from the field to our plate. We also learnt about where other fruit  and vegetables come from. We also learnt about how it is important to wash our hands before eating.

We used Pete and Penelope in maths to learn about positional language, describing where they were hiding . Pete is under the table or Penelope is next to the table.

Can you explain where things using these words?

More Owl Babies - Friday 5th October

This week we have continued reading the Owl Babies and thought about how the owlets are feeling and how we would feel in the same situation.

On Monday Mrs Newhall left us some equipment to cut fruit with and we learnt how to use them safely. We also learnt all about which foods are healthy to eat.

In maths we made some graphs to show our favourite fruits and sandwiches.

Our poem of the week is called The Apple Tree and the children have decided on all the actions to go with the words.  We think they did a fantastic job, see if you agree when they perform it at the Harvest Festival.

Owl Babies - Friday 28th September


We have enjoyed the story of the Owl Babies this week, creating some wanted posters for mummy owl. The children have also made some bird feeders and written a letter asking Mummy Owl to come back.

Our poem of the week was Horsie, Horsie.

In maths we have been learning all about shapes.

Can you show your grown up all the different shapes we have learnt?


Our First weeks in FS2- September 26th


We have had a fabulous start to the new year. All the children are settling into school and we are all enjoying getting to know them.

In the first few weeks we have learnt what our classroom rules and routines are, done lots of counting and drawn pictures of ourselves then practised writing our names underneath.