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Churchfield Primary School

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How We Assess

We have created our own bespoke assessment tool for use in school, click the links below to view information on how we assess our pupils. We use a A.R.E (Age Related Expectations) system to assess pupils. If you would like any more information please speak to your child's class teacher or Mr Bean. 

At the start of the school year teachers assign targets to each child, and then a formal judgement is made every half-term with summative assessments taking place every second half-term. We use NFER tests for formal assessments. 

Every half-term pupils will be awarded one of the following standards:

 Below (B) - The pupil is working outside of their year group and may be assessed using P-Levels if appropriate

Working Towards (WT) - The pupil is accessing their actual year group's curriculum, but not currently working within the expected standard for their age

Working At (WA) - The pupil is working within the expected standard for a child of their age

Greater Depth (GD) - The pupil is working at a greater depth or above the expected standard for their age

We don't view progress as linear steps, and use a range of parameters/tools to make informed judgements. Children's progress and attainment is regularly communicated to parents through two parents days/ nights and end of year reports.