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PE, health & sport are fundamental to everything we do here at Churchfield and we do't want anything to detract from our pupils' fantastic achievements - so we've purposely kept this page clear of much information so that our Sports Blog takes centre stage! If you'd like to view information on what we do, our schemes of work and our vision - just click the link here to access the 'Key Documents' page. You can also click any of the document links below - we've also included a link to our archived sports blogs from the last few years. 

To keep updated on all the events we enter, and to see reports/ pictures - just follow us on Twitter!

2020 & 2021 PE documents will be uploaded soon

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COVID19 has disrupted our competitive sports programme but we have some exciting ideas in the works for when we return! In the meantime, take a look at some events from the last few years!

2018/19 Sports Blog

Year 5/6 Athletics @ Dorothy Hyman


We took a fabulous team to Dorothy Hyman last week to take part in the qualifiers for Barnsley. 19 children came down to take part against 5 other schools within the area to see if they could get into the finals. Only the top 2 teams could make it through and our boys and girls battled so hard to try and get there. We had some fabulous runs, jumps and throws with our children finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in many events. 

Even though they tried so hard there was not stopping some of the other schools, the team just kept going and going , but we just couldn't get within the top 2. We were so proud of all the children and thought they represented school perfectly. 








Corey M

Aimee Jo 










Year 5/6 Rounders Qualifier

We took 2 teams to the Team Activ Rounders on Tuesday. These children were picked from Year 5 & 6 and really tried through the sun that was blasting on all of our faces. We were in one big group with our 2 teams facing each other at one point to try and get to the finals. The group had some real high standard of rounders players in and our teams really tried to stop them from scoring. In the end we couldn't stop those teams from finishing in the top 2 and we narrowly missed out on the finals. 

It was a great day out though with our school scoring lots of rounders and catching lots of people out. Well done to everyone who took part all 20 of them. 


South Yorkshire School Games Swimming

Proud is all I have to say for the group of swimmers we took to Doncaster for the first ever South Yorkshire swimming competition. We had to battle against 9 other schools who had all had a qualifying round in their district before hand. The boys and girls we took could not have done the school and themselves prouder, they worked so hard and battled against some schools who had professional swimming members who were part of a team. They took it all in their stride and supported eachother and got on with every race put towards them! 

We were the only school from Barnsley there, we finished 10th but that did not matter to us as we went gave it our all and came back happy and proud of our achievement. 

Plus that means we are 10th overall in South Yorkshire for Swimming!!













Football League Semi Final 

It was a day to remember, our boys had got through to the Plate semi final against Silkstone Primary and were set on making it to the next stages on Thursday 9th May. The boys have battled so hard this year through the league and given nothing but their full effort and determination. It was outstanding to see the boys just take charge and not let anything stop them. There was no lack of effort or drive at the game it was full force all the way and we had some players going from one end of the pitch to another just to get those goals added up and that secure spot in the final. They have worked their way up the league and now after a intense hour they have made it through to the final against Mapplewell Primary. We could not be prouder and happier for them! Onto the final on Thursday 9th May @ Dorothy Hyman 4pm KO. 


Eddie B

Aston H

Values Awards Spring 1

Well it has been amazing for our values in school with loads of children every week receiving certificates for the behavior they show within school. This week saw us giving awards for children who have shown values overall in school the most this term. It was hard to chose as so many children have worked hard in school. In the end only 6 pupils could receive the awards and the house points and these were children we had seen really shine and give everything at school this term. 

Along with those awards we gave out some value winners for our lunchtime zones we have every single day. These zones are in place to create more play and get the children being active so they are ready for their afternoon lessons. We have some Year 6 girls that work their socks off on that area every lunch to provide other children with sports. These awards were not chosen by staff but by the Year 6 Lunchtime leaders. 

Finally we had out March challenge winners to present as well. Nearly all KS2 have bee taking part in this challenge, which was football dribble. The points were added up over March and then the 2 pupils who won received house points and a certificate. 

Term Winners Lunch time Winners Personal Challenge Winners


















KS2 Football @ Springvale Primary 

We had a great time last Friday when some of our Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 took on Springvale in a friendly game of football. Our teams played 2 45 minute games against some fabulous and respectful players. We had some amazing goals and the weather just made the afternoon even better. Year 3/4 had a dominant performance throughout the match and came out with an 8-1 win. Year 5/6 had a tough battle going from 3-0 down to 3-3 and then narrowly missing out on penalties. 

The teams worked so hard and really put 100% effort in. Springvale were a real treat to play against, they were great hosts and most importantly respectful players. 


Man of the match 

Year 3/4 


Man of the Match 

Year 5/6 


Personal Challenge Winners February 2019

We have had another fabulous effort from all children who have taken part in personal challenge with over half of the school getting involved every lunchtime. The pupils and the Year 5/6 children who help run these projects are simply amazing. Showing lots of determination and effort throughout their lunchtime. 

This challenge saw children doing a ladder run to see if they could get the top score within the school. We had 3 winners this time from Year 5 who have been working spo hard out their every lunchtime. These children have been scoring and guiding other children as well so not just about taking part. 

Next months challenge is all based around one of our favourite sports at Churchfield...... Football. Our children have weave a football through a series of cones as quickly as they can. They only have 30 seconds to get as many laps as they can in. 






Y4 Dodgeball- March 19

Two teams took part in a Team Activ dodgeball event. As always, both teams were fantatsic, and one of our teams even managed to claim 3rd place! There was some impressive throwing, ducking and diving going on; we hope there wasn't too many bumps and bruises! Well done to all the children who took part!

Y4 School Games Basketball- March 19

Our Y4 basketball team, made up of 4 girls and 4 boys smashed it this Friday. They participated in a basketball tournament, which saw 1 school qualify to the SY finals. They played 5 games in total, and were outstanding in all. After winning their first two, they faced a tough game and unfortunately lost their 3rd. However, they didn't let this get them down, and came back to win their final 2 games. Unfortunately, they just missed out on the top spot, although they ended up with second place; and unbelievable achievement. Well done to all those who took part, and thank you to the parents who came to support us!

Youth Sport Trust Award

We are so proud as a school to have been shortlisted for the award for Outstanding Primary School in PE and Sport. We have worked so hard over the last 6 months to really get as many children as we can into sport and activity. 

We have set up personal challenges every month on the playground, we have created daily mile passports and we have created sporting zones for all children to have the opportunity to take part in something extra at their break time. 

This year we have pushed to provide trips to sporting events as well so that children can aspire to an athlete and also we have had speakers in to help give children some guidance through sport. 

The school applied for these awards not thinking that we would stand a chance of being shortlisted but we had an email one day and it was there " Congratulations you have been shortlisted" We are so proud and honored as a school to be able to get involved in such an amazing awards night and to be able to recognise all the children's effort and hard work towards sport and being active. At our school it really does change their mindset and lifestyle and we get as much enjoyment out of it as the children do. 

On Thursday 28th February the PE Lead and Behaviour and Attendance Officer will travel to Coventry for this fabulous event. 

School Games South Yorkshire Cross Country Team Finals- Feb 19

A cold, muddy yet fantastic day was had at the South Yorkshire Cross Country Finals! Both our Y5/6 boy's and Y3/4 girl's teams qualified, representing Barnsley! Every single child should be so proud of their achievement, as they absolutely smashed the course. No trophies were brought back this year, however each individual showed off our 'core values'. Our boy's team were runners up, and our girl's just missed out on a top spot, coming 4th. They always amaze us; not bad for a school with no field right?




Year 3/4 Girl's Futsal- Jan 19

Team: Beau S, Rose K, Poppy K, Madison H, Brydie D, Lily T, Charlie J W,  

WOW! What can we say about our Y3/4 girl's football team? They were outstanding. Not only did they play some skillful football, but it is always done with our core values in mind. They were undefeated today, bringing back the title of Barnsley's Y3/4 Girl's Futsal champions! We are so proud of them; they have worked so hard for this achievement!

Personal Challenge January 2019

Another amazing month for our personal challenge. The children have really taken every challenge and ran with it. We now have a dedicated team that supports all children at lunch time for different zones of activity and personal challenges. 

Our challenge this month was Balance Beam. Over 200 children took part in this activity from KS1 to KS2.  The children really worked hard and came back every single day to try and beat their score. We had a maximum of 30 seconds per person to balance and that added up to 30 points. 

We had people taking part every day for the whole month without fail and they had some fabulous high scores.  We had a balance mat with a metal beam that children placed one foot on and balanced with our leaders using iPads to take photos and time the children. 

We have now moved onto our new challenge which is ladder run this will take place every day on our main zone of the playground and it has already seen over 50 children take part and we are only in the first week. 

Thank you to some great lunchtime supervisors and our amazing Year 6 leaders who take charge of our areas and provide activities  every day. 

Winners: Casey G, Rose G, Jayden W

Y5/6 Boys' Football League - Game 3

Churchfield FC 5 - Joseph Locke FC 4

Scorers: Aston (3), Eddie (2)

Team: Cooper C, Archie P, Ollie T, Archie A, Riley S, Will S, Finlay G, Harvey F, Aston H, Jacob S, Eddie B (C)

MOTM: Finlay G

Never mind the Premier League! What a game this was! The boys' went into the game on the back of two straight victories in the opening two games of the football league but despite having most of the possession, found themselves 4-0 down at half-time after a difficult first half against a very well organised and defensively strong Holy Rood, looking for their first win of the season.  The boys came out in the second half looking like a different team and showing an incredible amount of determination and resilience to take the game back to 4-4, before a last minute winner from Aston finished the game off. What a come back! And well done to an absolutely brilliant Holy Rood team for what could be the game of the season! The win puts Churchfield FC top of the Barnsley Est League with 3 wins from 3. 

Y5/6 Boys' Football Friendly

Churchfield FC 14 - Springvale FC 4

Scorers: Eddie (3), Archie A (3), Jacob (3), Aston (3), Riley (1), Will (1)

Team: Cooper C, Ashton M, Archie P, Ollie T, Archie A, Riley S, Will S, Finlay G, Harvey F, Aston H, Jacob S, Eddie B (C)

MOTM: Riley S

Our Y5/6 Boys' team put in an unstopable performance to come back from 2-0 down to beat our good friends Springvale FC 14 - 4 last Friday. Despite the freezing temperatures, barrage of snow and going 2-0 behind in the first 10 minutes, the boys showed great determination, passion and teamwork to put in an outstanding performance! Well done boys!

KS2 Girls Football Friendly


Another outstanding effort from our girls on Friday against the fabulous side Springvale. They showed some real effort and pushed through for a full 1 hour game. The girls never gave in playing some players that were all Year 6. We had 9 players who had to play non stop with no breaks as we had a player down. They never gave in and just went for it every single time, not letting a ball past them or missing an opportunity to score.  

All 4 of our goals were from the fabulous Poppy who took the ball each time from midfield to the goal. Showing nothing but determination and passion to win. The game was getting hard towards the end as we had no subs so the girls were starting to show fatigue. The weather turned on us as well with snow blasting across the pitch. They never gave up though and pushed right to the very end. 

Thank you Springvale for another great game you really push our girls every time and you have a solid team with lots of talent. Bring on the next friendly. 

Well done to the girls side. 

Result 4 -2 to Churchfield

Team: Poppy, Rose , Scarlett , Casey , Brydie, Lily  ,Aimee Jo, Beau , Madison

POTM: Beau and Casey

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics Finals 

It was yet again another amazing performance for our Year 5/6 children who battled hard against 8 other schools to try and gain a place in the South Yorkshire Finals. This year was tough with some really hard opposition coming along to try and take the top 2 spots. 

Our team consisted of 10 boys and 10 girls taking part in 2 track and 1 field event. They really battled and showed all of our core values throughout the event.  We had even taken some Year 4 students to try and give them experience and they made the team proud. 

After a long 2 hours the results were in and our team had given it their all, after a long tense wait we found out we had come 6th overall. It did not matter to us the position we came in, the team had literally worked so hard and Mr Jewiit and Miss Kaye could not stop talking about the team work and the behaviour the students showed. 

Well done to an amazing team who just took every race and field event and pushed themselves. 

Year 3/4 Girls South Yorkshire Finals 

What a performance!! That is all can be said for our Year 3/4 Girls football team. They battled their way to the South Yorkshire Finals to play against schools from Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. There were 2 team from Barnsley, 2 teams from Rotherham and Doncaster and 4 from Sheffield. 

 The girls played in one huge group and had to play 9 games of 12 minutes back to back. They dominated all their games, winning 7 and drawing 2 they were powering their way through the group. 

 It came to the results and after a nail biting wait we found out our position........ second by 2 points. This did not disappoint though and the girls were so happy ! The second best team in the whole of South Yorkshire. 

 These girls have done so well and achieved so much and we could not be prouder. Organisers stated how well behaved and lovely the girls were. They did school proud!!

Well done Girls! 

Personal Challenge December 2018

It was the awards for our Personal Challenge on Wednesday for our Value assembly. We had 12 children receive values certificates and 4 children receive their speed bounce challenge medals and certificates. The children work so hard every day to achieve these awards and be called up in assembly to be recognised for their great efforts. 


These children won the award for speed bounce. It was how many bounces they could achieve in 30 seconds. The next challenge is 30 second balance and we have had queues of children wanting to take part once again so they can be crowned the winners for January. 


Letisha Yeoman

Layton Powers

Jayden Swindells

Madisyn Mawson

Year 5/6 Athletics Finals

Well it took us time to get there but when we did we loved every minute. We had to battle so hard to get to the finals at Barnsley College, but we got there and we worked so hard to try and claim the top spot. We had to compete against 9 other schools to try and gain the trophy and be crowned the Barnsley Sportshall Athletics champions. The children were split into 6 boys and 6 girls to make our team. They took part in running, jumping and throwing and had a set time to be able to compete all the events and gain as many points as they can. 

Lots of our children run at our local club Dorothy Hyman and it showed with them showing some real team work and knowledge of all the activities. We were even asked to bring leaders as our children know what to do and create such a good impression at all events. They achieved leader certificates, Tshirts and badges. We were asked out of all the secondary and primary schools to go and score this fantastic final. 

Overall after all the hard work we finished 4th!! That makes us the 4th best school in Barnsley for Sportshall Athletics. It is not over yet though with us competing in the South Yorkshire qualifiers to try and gain a spot at the South Yorkshire Finals. We took an epic 33 pupils to this event to help and take part what a great event to be part of to wrap up a massive school year of sport. 

Personal Challenge November 2018

It was another amazing month for us with loads of children getting involved in this challenge. We have had Year 1,2,3,4,5,6 taking part in this challenge of how many shots they could get into the basketball in 30 seconds. We had helpers non stop throughout this event with helpers coming from as little as year 1 to year 6, their was no stopping these children from coming in and getting involved. 

We had queues and queues of children lining up ready to take part every lunch. Each week we have given out values that were awarded in an assembly and dedicated to the school games ethos. We use these values in school to promote life skills for the future, these values they learn now will serve them well for the future. 

December Challenge is speed bounce and we will continue with our assembly to recognise our children's achievements.  Keep it up every one even if it is raining we will get our values in!!

Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics - 3/12/2018

Our Year 5/6 and a few Year 4 students went to Outwood Carlton on Monday to face 10 other schools to qualify for the Sportshall athletics finals!! Mr Jewitt took the team of 15 to tackle long jump, hurdles, shot putt and triple jump. They had to score as many points as they could to get to the finals and our pupils worked their socks off to get to second place and qualified for the Finals on the 13th December. If the children win this competition they will be the Champions of Barnsley. The team will try and claim this title on the 13th December at Barnsley College @ 1:00pm, it is set to be a real battle and we are sure they will try their hardest. 


Long Jump



Shuttle Run 

Shot Putt


High Stepper

Triple Jump 

Speed Bounce

Balance Beam 

Year 3 and 4 Handball- 28th November

Today year 3 and 4 attended a handball competition at Barnsley academy. They competed in some friendly matches against 3 other schools and finished with a Churchfield derby. This was a participation event, therefore no scores were kept and the aim was to get children practising and involved in sport. They showed off some wonderful skills, even though handball is relatively new.  We are looking forward to the competitive event next term! 

KS1 Multi-Skills - 19th November

Today, some of our Year 2 children participated in a multi-skills competition at Barnsley College. They all performed exceptionally well! Miss Exley's group (Churchfield Stingrays) were runners up, Mr Elvin's group (Churchfield Champions) came second and Miss Kaye's group (The Winners) came first! Well done to you all! 

KS2 Cross Country Individual Finals- 16th November

Yet again, another outstanding performance from our children at the KS2 cross country individual finals. We had over 20 children in this event, having qualified for it back in October. All of our children gave it their all, completing this challenging run at Cannon Hall. Every child placed highly in their race, and each and every one of them should be so proud of their achievements. The top 5 from each race were given a certificate, with the top 3 receiving a trophy too! A huge well done to Erin and Poppy who snatched the silver (Erin) and bronze (Poppy) trophies for the year 4 girls, finishing second and third in their race! Thank you to all the children who took part, and to all the parents for their support!

KS2 School Games Cross Country

On Friday 9th November, KS2 competed in the School Games cross country event at Cannon Hall. This was a team event, where the top 4 children's placings were added together. These were year 3/4 and 5/6 boys and year 3/4 and 5/6 girls. Our children were, yet again, fantastic and some highly placed individual scores, meant our team scores were outstanding too. Our year 3/4 girls team came second in their group, with Poppy and Erin taking the gold and silver; meaning they qualified for the South Yorkshire finals! Our year 5/6 boys came fourth in their group, also qualifying for the South Yorkshire finals! We can't wait for the finals in February as we have a title to defend! Well done to all the children who took part, and the parents for their continued support!

Y3/4 Football Tournament

On Thursday 8th November, a group of Y3/4 children competed in the TeamActiv Football Tournament at Dorothy Hyman Stadium. After a slow start, the children found their shooting boots which eventually took them to second place overall - the highest position the school has achieved at this tournament.

After a 0-0 draw and a narrow 1-0 defeat to begin, the children battled back to win two matches - scoring 3 goals in each! The final match resulted in a 1-1 draw, which meant the children just missed out on first place.

Logan Bailey (Y4) was named Churchfield's Player of the Tournament.


Personal Challenge - October Winners

It has been another fabulous month for personal challenge with our school taking part in shuttle runs this month!! The children joined in a clock like shuttle run challenge starting at one central cone and then moving round 4 cones as quick as they could. 

We had some outstanding runners with KS1 and KS2 taking part, not only do our children take part but they also help to score and time all the activities making our challenges totally self ran by our children. 

We had a queue of children every day lining up ready and eager to beat their own score and others. As usual at the end of the month we had a presentation within assembly where our children stood up and received badges and certificates.  We had a joint winner for KS2 girls, the a boy winner from KS2 and a girl and a boy winner from KS1. 

It has done wonders for our lunch times with children taking part in so many different activities other than our challenge, we have skipping, dodgeball and lots of playground games going off. 

Well done every one and look out for our next challenge winners!



Y 5/6 Boys Football Finals

Some outstanding football was played at the Barnsley football finals today.  Our boys competed against 6 other teams, who had qualified. The tournament started with a tough match; however, the boys battled through and showed off some fantastic skills and team work. This ended in a first game victory. Our second game was perfectly matched and again the boys played some wonderful football, resulting in a well deserved draw. The next 3 matches were hard work, but they didn't lose their cool and kept their heads in the game. Unfortunately, they fell short, losing these matches, but by only 1 goal. These losses didn't take their toll on the team, as they got stuck in to their final game. Another hard draw, with both sides playing well, but 3 goals later and it was a final win for Churchfield. They finished 3rd in their group overall, just missing out on a place in the semi finals (only on goal difference)! Well done to the boys, you should be very proud! 

Year 3/4 Girls Football Finals


Amazing is one the words to describe the pure effort and determination the girls put into their games on the 25th October at Dorothy Hyman. They played against 8  other teams on the day from the local Barnsley area and they were on top form from the word go. Not giving any room for other teams to score or get goals past them they battled hard to end up topping the group with 22 points!! It was not over there for the girls though, we finished top of the group on points, so we had to decide the winner by goal difference......... After a grueling wait it was announced that we had also drawn with Penistone on points earned and goal difference, so a final was needed to be played to decide who would be the Barnsley Champions. 

After a long 10 minute battle the girls narrowly missed out on the trophy coming second overall. They played their socks off, with goals from Poppy, Madison and Rose just constantly being provided. There was no stopping the girls the pure dedication put in was astonishing to see and to get to being the top 2 schools in Barnsley for girls football is a huge achievement they should be proud of. 

To say these girls had only been put together 4 weeks ago they have done amazing and I am sure they will be a team to be reckoned with for years to come. 


Churchfiled 0 vs Penistone 0

Churchfield 2 vs Burton Road 1

Churchfield 5 vs Barugh Green 0

Churchfield 6 vs Shawlands 0

Churchfield 3 vs Springvale 1

Churchfield 6 vs Wombwell Park Street 0

Final Game

Churchfield 0 vs Penistone 2

KS2 Cross Country- 24th October

What an outstanding day we had at the KS2 cross country event at Cannon Hall! We took 44 children from KS2 to the event, and a total of 22 qualified for the finals next month, by placing  in the top 15. We took home 3 individual 1st place gold badges; Logan (Y3 boys), Poppy (Y4 girls) and Finlay (Year 6 boys), plus many other well placed achievements. Our combined team scores were also outstanding. We won 2 1st place golds badges (Year 4 girls and Year 6 boys) and 3 2nd place silver badges (Year 3 boys, Year 5 girls and Year 6 girls). We are looking forward to the finals next month! All the children should be so proud of their achievements and a huge thank you to all the parents who came to support us! Yet another, fantastic result; not bad for a school without a field!

Y5/6 Football League - 19th October

Churchfield FC 8 - Joseph Locke FC 0

Today marked the start of the 2018/19 Team Activ Football league and what a start it was! The Y5/6 team put on a faultless performance against a hard-working and defensively strong Jospeh Locke. From the word go the team went into all-out attack and worked hard to maintain possession, playing a passing game whilst looking for openings in the defence. After 10 minutes we were 1-0 after a thunderous effort from Archie A; however, the Joseph Locke keeper make some incredible saves! It was a fantastic team performance and we're all proud of the team! The result has Churchfield sat atop the East League after the first round of fixtures. 

Scorers: Jacob (3), Archie A (3), Eddie (1), Aston (1)

MOTM: Archie A

Year 5/6 Girls Football Finals - 19th October

It was another amazing performance for the girls in our football team on Tuesday with the girls battling hard to try and get themselves to be the Barnsley girls champions. We were put into group B where we were up against Wombwell Park Street, Penistone and The Ellis. The games were do tight and the girls showed amazing enthusiasm and commitment to each game they played. Poppy had 3 shots on target and they were blocked by a fabulous goal keeper from The Ellis.  Aimee shot a stunner of a goal straight past one of the keepers at Wombwell Park Street. Penistone was neck and neck coming from 2 - 0 down to clawing their way to 3-3. It was an honor to be their and part of the team. Well done girls and keep up that hard work. 

Churchfield 3 vs 3 Penistone 

Churchfield 4 vs 0 WPS 

Churchfield 2 vs 1 Burton Road 

Churchfield 0 vs 2 The Ellis

Personal Challenge - October 


This month sees our next personal challenge coming to our active lunch times. We are having all our children take part in a clock shuttle run challenge. The children start at the green cone in the middle of our clock and they have to run round to each yellow cone  and back to the green each time. Over the course of the month the person with the quickest time will win a medal and certificate and their picture will be out up in school for everyone to see. We had 6 children who got a medal and certificate last time for our skipping challenge this time we will have a KS1 winner, Year 3/4 and 5/6 winner for boys and girls. 

The amount of children who have been taking part in this has been amazing with nearly all our children at Churchfield getting involved and straight into the challenges set for them.  I cannot wait to see the wall when it is done with all our winners and to see who the winner will be this month.

Personal Challenge - September


Finally after a month of waiting we have our skipping champions!!! Every month we are doing a personal challenge so all our children within school can get involved and not only compete against others but compete against themselves.They have worked so hard and got really involved in the activities that we have had out for them at lunch time. We have had 100's of children taking part this month in this challenge and they are raring to go for the next challenge.
They have all enjoyed skipping that much that they have wanted it to carry on at lunch time which is amazing as we want to promote activity as much as possible as we feel this contributes to a more active mind. Stay tuned for more of our amazing children taking part in personal challenges.

Year 5/6 Girls Football Competition - 12th October

GOTM = Poppy

Our Year 5/6 Girls and a few children from Year 3 and 4 took on schools from the local area in a football competition at Dorothy Hyman Sports Stadium. The girls were amazing, they played their hearts out and gave it 100% even in the cold, wet and windy weather. They took part in 4 games and were non stop on the ball and playing as a strong team. We went for a formation of 2,2,2 with our great keepers Maddison and Poppy taking it in turns to save and ball coming their way. The other teams put in a top effort each time they played us, but the girls were dominant from the minute the whistle blew. We had a 7-0 victory to open our games off against Ladywood Primary, then a quick rest and straight onto another 2-0 victory against Penistone St Johns. Finally we played Ladywood B team and once again the girls put on a stunning performance and won 5-0. Penistone St Johns played us for a final time as a rematch and the girls that time scored 3 stunning goals. The team was amazing and the rest of the schools were as well, a truly inspirational performance. We are excited for the Finals now!

0 Ladywood A Vs Churchfield 7 0 Penistone St Johns vs Churchfield 2 0 Ladywood B vs Churchfield 4 0 Penistone St Johns vs Churchfield 3


Y5/6 Football Friendly - 12th October

Churchfield FC 3 - Springvale FC 1

Our Y5/6 team got their pre-season preparations off to a flying start with a hard fought 3-1 victory over Springvale FC (Penistone). Conditions weren't great as it was a (very) wet and windy day, but the boys battled through and put in a fantastic performance. We tried a new, more attacking-focused formation for the first time and the team really gelled together and controlled the pace of the game by retaining possession for large portions of the match. The first half started slow with few chances for either side before Springvale scored a stunner to make it 0-1. The team didn't let their heads dropped and answered almost instantly when Eddie played a through ball to Jacob who fired the ball into the top corner to make it 1-1 going into the half-time break. In the second half Eddie put in a true captain's performance with 2 goals to make it 3-1. 

Scorers: Eddie (2), Jacob (1)

MOTM: Eddie

Y3/4 Football Friendly - 12th October

Churchfield FC 7 - Springvale FC 7

What a game! Out Y3/4 football team traveled up to a (very wet & windy) Springvale to play their first match of the season on Friday.  Things didn't start too well (playing against the wind, and uphill) with the team going 5-0 down within 5 minutes. After Archie converted from the penalty sport to make it 5-1 the comeback was on! At half-term Springvale were 5-2 up. The team came out in the second half determined to pull the game back and it was neck-and-neck for the next 20 minutes! With 15 seconds left on the clock, Logan slotted home from close range to make it 7-7. We finished the game with a (very tense!) penalty shoot-out, and after going to the third round of sudden death, the Springvale keeper pulled off an incredible save to push Louie's shot wide. An incredible start to the season! 

Scorers: Archie (3), Logan (2), Thomas (1), Alfie (1)

MOTM: Archie

Year 3/4 Multi skills- 4th October

On Thursday, Year 3 and 4 kicked off this year's sporting events at a multi skills competition at Netherwood. 36 children took part in a variety of skill based activities in teams of 12. All the children were fantastic and showed off some wonderful skills. 6 children were selected for their outstanding teamwork, and will receive their certificates next week! Well done to all the children who took part!

Cudworth Churcfield FC New Kit - September 2018

We are extremely grateful to the fantastic people at the Premier League Football Foundation for supplying out school teams with this fantastic new Nike kit this year! The shirts have the official Premier League badge on the sleeves and our school logo will soon be on the front!