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Welcome To Y6

2018-19 Archived Page

Classes & Adults PE Days

Class 14 - Magnanimous Moose - Mr Jewitt

Class 13 - Ground-breaking Grizzlies - Miss Daniels

Boosters, Support & UKS2 Leader - Mr Bean

Teaching Assistants/ SEND Support - Mrs Dryden, Mrs Radley

Friday - Dorothy Hyman Session

Please send your child with a jumper & tracksuit bottoms if it is cold



Autumn Half-Term 1


This half term, the focus of our learning is 'Peace and Conflict'. In particular, we will be studying Hitler's rise to power and the persecution of the Jewish people during World War 2 through the Holocaust. We will be studying 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne. Our focus in history is to understand some of the key beliefs, behaviour and characteristics of people during World War 2. In relation to this, we will be focussing on Judaism and learning about some of its key beliefs and practices, making connections with other key religions. Our geography work will involve comparing two different geographical regions: Cudworth in Barnsley and Cudworth in Canada! In science, we will be conducting experiments relating to electricity and circuits. Our artwork will be inspired by the Blitz and will involve us using a range of medium for effect. At the Dorothy Hyman for PE, we will be developing our skills in tag rugby and football.